Appreciating the British things in life. Blog from a daughter.

Rosie the English Setter came to stay at the B&B
Rosie the English Setter came to stay at the B&B
26th March 2017
Sugar Free Bownies
Walnut & raspberry brownies sweetened with dates – yummy!
31st March 2017
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Hayley & James

Appreciating the British things in life.

Blog from a daughter.

My husband James and I have just returned from 132 days backpacking in South East Asia and Latin America and while it was an incredible experience I have to say I was looking forward to some home comforts. A very British (and very posh) breakfast arrived at the dining table on our first morning staying at Swallows Rest; we were treated just as the guests are.  A breakfast including locally sourced bacon and sausages and bantam chicken eggs my Mum had collected from the fluffy pets in the garden, and the thing I was most excited about, a proper cup of English tea from a teapot (made the correct way and not half water, half milk as I was given in Guatemala)!  Whilst backpacking we got used to very basic breakfasts provided by the budget hotels every morning so this was pure luxury.

DaffodilsWe arrived back home at the perfect time, spring in the UK can be lovely and we have had great weather for most of March.  As I quit my job to go backpacking and am currently job hunting, it meant that I could spend lots of time in the garden and fields taking pictures of the daffodils and the many happy animals that roam around.  I’ve also inadvertently turned into the dog walker for resident canines Archie the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and Max the Shih-Tzu, who really would rather just stand and sniff things and not actually walk, much to my annoyance!   I’ve ve been taking them down the coastal path along the Fleet Lagoon on the Jurassic Coast and enjoyed passing other dogs on the way, with the delightful politeness of Dorset dog owners saying hello to each other. This point is pretty alien to me coming from London where if you said hello to a stranger they would think you had mental issues!

View of the FleetIn an effort to regain some sort of fitness, I have been going on some road runs from the farm along to Portland, which on a sunny day is absolutely gorgeous as you have views of the water on the left and right as you run along. On this route you can often see kite surfers gliding along in the wind and it makes me wonder if I should take up the sport whilst I have some free time, it does look like a lot of fun. Being by the sea really is tonic for the soul and makes you appreciate the country we live in. Sometimes I forget actually how beautiful England can be and I have made a promise to myself to explore my home country a bit more. Kitesurfing

Now, instead of being upset our big trip has come to an end, being away has actually made me look at the UK in a different light. I know we are very fortunate to live here, and we are incredibly lucky to be able to stay at Swallows Rest whenever we like.

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  1. Claire says:

    What an amazing adventure you have been on! However as you say, nothing beats the gorgeous coastline of Dorset!

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