Billy the Bengal Cat, star of our campsite! A most stunning cat.

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22nd July 2017
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28th July 2017
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Billy the Bengal

Billy the Bengal Cat

Billy the Bengal Cat, star of our campsite! A most stunning cat. Billy goes walking every day with his owner and best friend Dave the landscape gardener and the Staffy they live with on our Martleaves Farm Campsite.  The trio are a sight to behold on their daily walks down the footpath to the Fleet Lagoon, with the Staffy on its lead and Billy running alongside.

The Bengal is a domestic cat breed developed to act like exotic jungle cats such as leopards, ocelots, margays and clouded leopards. Bengal cats were developed by selective breeding from hybrids of the Asian leopard cat, with domestic cat, backcrossed to domestic cats, with the goal of creating a confident, healthy, and friendly cat with a highly contrasted and vividly marked coat.
The name “Bengal cat” was derived from the taxonomic name of the Asian leopard cat. They have a “wild” appearance with large spots/rosettes/arrowheads, and a light/white belly. Once separated by at least four generations from the original domestic cat crossing, the breed’s temperament resembles that of a domestic cat.
Bengal cats are generally a bright orange to light brown colour, although pale or off-white “snow” Bengals also exist, and are popular among owners.

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