Best selfie ever! Pet pig George posed happily with Hayley

Weymouth South Cubs came to visit the farm
13th March 2017
Veggie stuffed mushroom with asparragus
Vegetarian guests welcome! Signature dish Vegetarian Stuffed Mushroom
20th March 2017
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Best selfie ever! Pet pig George posed happily with Hayley.

Best selfie ever! Pet pig George posed happily with Hayley.  He loves having his photo taken.  George must be the most photographed pig ever! With James in the background this makes a fabulous pic.  Life at the farm is never dull with pet pigs George and Mildred roaming freely in the gardens during the Summer months.  During the wet Winter months they live in a pen in the garden, then when the sun appears they use their holiday home by the pond.

Although some people would never consider sharing their home with a pig, there are many people who are charmed by the intelligence and the personality of their pet pot bellied pigs. There is no doubt that when given the proper care and training, a pot bellied pig can make an interesting and much-loved addition to the home. However, many people find that pigs are demanding pets and are overwhelmed by their needs – as shown by the abundance of shelters overflowing with pot bellied pigs.

Pot Bellied Pigs Are Smart
Pigs are very intelligent. Pot bellied pigs are quite trainable, much the same as a dog (they can be house trained, leash trained, and will learn a few tricks); however, their intelligence can make them a bit of a handful, too. They are curious and playful, but also headstrong and sensitive. They will become easily bored and possibly destructive if not provided with enough activities and enrichment.

Pot Bellied Pigs Have an Appetite
Pigs are unrelenting in their quest for food. They can learn to open the fridge, cupboards, and pantry – wherever food may be lurking. They can become demanding, begging for food. Pigs also “root” or explore with their snouts and in doing so may overturn items in the house, including wastebaskets.  They can disrupt the landscaping outside. An area to allow rooting in the dirt outside should be provided and food can be scattered for the pot bellied pig to search for.

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