Happy 11th Birthday Archie!!! Our Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

New Floodlit Hot Tub for guests to enjoy throughout the year in our garden!
16th October 2017
Bad Hair Day for our rare breed Polish Bantams on a rainy day here at the farm!
24th October 2017
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Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Happy 111th Birthday Archie!!!

Happy 11th Birthday Archie!!! Our Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.

Archie is our resident King Charles at the B&B.  He guards his kitchen and his food from all comers.  Beware Mildred the pig or Beatrice the chicken wandering in the back door!  Archie will pounce and fend them off.  He can be very fierce!!!

Archie on the dance floor

Archie after his pamper session

Archie with his baby brothers and sisters


Archie always finds a comfy place to nap

Archie with a sculpture of his predecessor Campion

Archie adores Keith and follows him everywhere

Doggy party with friends

Archie with his High Viz jacket

Archie enjoys 40 winks







Blenheim Cavalier King Charles

King Charles II was a big fan of the Cavalier King Charles spaniel breed and preferred to play with them rather than take care of important ‘kingly’ matters or so the story goes. Who can blame him I ask you! One look at these absolutely adorable little dogs and nothing else matters as much! When the King died, John Churchill the Duke of Marlborough took up where the King left off, caring for the breed. Blenheim coloured spaniels were his favourite and were in fact named after his estate.
Blenheim Breed Characteristics
The Blenheim coloured Cavalier King Charles is characterised by rich chestnut coloured markings on a clear white background. The ears are chestnut coloured and the chestnut colour you will find is spaced out in an even manner on the head and surrounding eye areas. The white blaze between the eyes and ears is typical and the ‘Blenheim’ spot a chestnut coloured marking in the centre of the head is unique.
The chestnut colour is clearly divided on either side of the dogs head by the white that runs from the top of head clear through to the muzzle and down to the paws. The chestnut colour is spread from the top of the head down completely over the ears and around the eyes. It’s a beautiful sight to see how well proportioned the colouring is for these dogs. The rest of the body is white with chestnut markings spread over the back and sides. The tail and paws are generally pearly white and this colour combination is so beautiful it makes the Blenheim a very popular choice.




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